Yarr the Game

Windows, Mac & Linux.
Release date to be Announced

Ahoy ‘n lower ye sails ‘n follow us into th’ depths ‘o th’ seven oceans ‘o Yarr th’ Game

(Hello and lower your sails and follow us into the depth of the seven seas of Yarr the game.)


Yarr the game takes place in medieval carribean, and tells the story of a man who’s life, ship and dignity has been taken away by the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Your Role is to regain your dignity and recapture the most infamous ship of the seven seas.

” First freedom ‘n th’ cap’n. Second th’ loot, third woman ‘n th’ spiced rum ‘n at th’ end no mercy if they don’t immediately surrender!”


  • Exploration: An open world for you to discover.
  • Customizable Ships: You can customize your own ship; Change the colours of the hull, wood highlights, the icon on your flags and the colour of these.
  • Questing: A fullfilling storyline with dignity, emotion and treasture.
  • Random World Events: Explore the ocean but things might not look as they used too, a maelstrom can change your plans or be suprised by the sudden appearance of the kraken.
  • Trading: A Dynamic trade system for the pirates under us who don’t appreate good booty.
  • Factions: The game consists three factions; Pirates, the navy  and the UCTC (United Caribbean Trading Company)
  • Villages and Cities: Much variety in the cities and villages with many side quests and different resources.

“Arrrrrgh more info gunna follow”