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At Polygon Interactive we think internships are really important and help the growth of high quality work in the Game Industry.
Please search below for your profession.


3D Artists
Experience in any major 3D Program, experience in modelling optimized for games. You should have experience with unwrapping models and efficiently texturing objects. Make sure you send us portfolio work which besides models also shows wireframes, texture maps and unwraps. Animating is not required but is a huge plus. Please do understand we use Blender and you are willing to learn Blender.

Concept Artists & 2D
Depending on your interest you should show us your experience in human and animal anatomy, perspective drawing of environments and the understanding of light and shadows. Please send us your sketches and digital work. Note: 2D artists should understand at least the basics of typography.

Experience with C# and preferably in Unity, other languages are a plus. You should have experience with basic design patterns. Make sure to send us work which you have personally worked on and clearly stated what you have done for the project. Open source projects and projects that you have done outside of school is a huge plus.

In general

We expect all interns to have a problem solving attitude, have experience in spoken and written English and to be capable of working both, on their own, and in a team.
Please also include why we should have you on our team.

Note: We cannot return submitted material.

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